My 1st journey with you was a profoundly amazing experience; more than D and I could have imagined. Your warmth and total commitment to the process was both personable and professional. You are a gifted guide and a wonderful human.

RK from Massachusetts

I think I still have a bit of glow from my journey. One of the intentions that I set was to find a higher level of compassion for others, especially those close to me. My wife [..] is still seeing [the] residual benefit. I am looking at [..] people with different, less judgemental eyes, than I did prior to the journey. You did a marvelous job as my guide. I have no suggestions of what you might do to improve on the experience.

BF from Atlanta, Georgia

I’m a little more than a week out of my journey and thinking of the experience puts a smile on my face. The more I think about the experience the more appreciation I have for Moshe and the healing environment he provided. I felt very much at ease, which I feel was an intricate part of the beauty of my experience. Another essential component was the music, which was amazing. I literally have a soundtrack for my awakening!

I’ve read parts of my transcript every day since my journey and I can’t thank Moshe enough for providing it. I keep it tucked between the pages of my integration workbook.

After my session, Moshe led me down to the nature trail behind his property…and it was as if I felt the words “go get your life” in my soul. And that is my intention. Thank you for this life changing experience.

MW from Duluth, Georgia

The journey has had many lasting effects. I dedicate so much of my time to self-regulation and have put into practice all of the things we spoke about. I feel empowered in ways that I haven't been in years. I journal often, treat myself well, have a better relationship with myself, my spiritual practice, my friends. It's all allowed me to do meaningful work as a community organizer and now a psychedelic advocate [..]! The journey was so healing and has profoundly shifted my life for the better. I could go on and on. I hope to see you again in the future for nature immersion or maybe another journey. I feel a lot of gratitude for the journey and everything you've done for me.

LP from New York

I came to Moshe for help unburdenning and repairing childhood traumas that have kept me from being my best. I've struggled with addiction for more than 20 years, feeling lonely, depressed and anxious, I've done several years of therapy (which also helped set the stage for healing), many healing modalities, but nothing gave me this much of a transformative change in such a short time. After two sessions with Moshe, parts of me are healed. I finally don't identify and hold the weight of those difficult and sticky experiences any longer. The journeys I took were days I want to always remember - and I will be able to as I was provided a transcript and video recording of each session. Starting from the safety and security Moshe provides, help setting intentions, the beauty of the ceremony and the integration help following, the entire experience is impressive and well planned. Words will never be able to fully articulate and describe my experiences, but my body knows, and can now fully feel all that life brings. Thank you Moshe for always making me feel seen and heard!

CL from Atlanta

I want to update you on how your services have changed my life.

In September 2019, I was hospitalized for severe suicidal ideation [..]. Since I was a child, I had tried everything to combat it: countless therapists, several medications, diets, exercise, animal therapies, meditation programs, books, and more. I had spent the majority of 2019 searching for a medical diagnosis to explain why my depression had been treatment-resistant, maybe if I had a separate medical issue causing my depression, I could finally cure it. That fall, I was hospitalized after an endocrinologist told me I was medically healthy… it was, once again, a message that my depression was untreatable and permanent. I was lost and hopeless.

After two weeks in the hospital, I had enough motivation to keep trying. I kept reading and learning, searching for anything that had the slightest chance of helping me. For someone who doesn’t even drink, the concept of a journey seemed risky and unlikely to help, but the more I learned, the more open I became to the idea. [..] A few months later, I found your services. I was incredibly nervous about having a non-medical professional guide me through the process, but talking to you over video chat alleviated a lot of my concerns. We didn’t know each other, but you were incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and comforting. I figured I would try it, and if it didn’t work, I’d look into electroshock brain stimulation therapies as a last resort.

I went into my journey prepared with painful prompts to focus on, none of which were magically solved. But I didn’t know that I’d be given a much more powerful, life-altering revelation: In the days following my journey, I was happy for the first time. I couldn’t believe it. I was incredibly skeptical going into the journey, and expected zero results, so I knew it wasn’t just a placebo effect. My perspective on life had changed so drastically, I felt like I was really living for the first time ever.

It’s now been two years since I was hospitalized, and nearly 18 months since I’ve felt depressed. I’ve found a rhythm with the medicine, and have been microdosing a couple times a week [..]. Since my journey, I bought my first home, switched careers (and industries), started wearing my hair natural, stopped wearing makeup, my relationship has never been better, and most importantly I’ve found peace within myself. I’m now only seeing my therapist once every several months, a huge improvement over the 3x/week I was doing when we met. I’m even having a party this month to celebrate my healing progress.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your services. It has truly been the most impactful experience I have ever had. I can honestly say that you have saved my life. Thank you thank you thank you a million times over.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

CH from Nashville

Dear Moshe,

I am glad there are people out there like you: People who thrive on seeing other people thrive. People who are willing to extend their hand to help others up. People who share their wisdom. People who risk much and invest their time and energy to help save lost or confused souls. People who have profound intuition and confidence to look beyond seemingly safe orthodox thinking in order produce breakthroughs in themselves and others. You are a teacher, healer, caregiver, guide, trailblazer.

When we first met, I had just recently learned that my job of 15 years was going to end in several months, after finishing up some projects. This news brought many emotions to the surface. FEAR of impending future economic insecurity. AVERSION to the thought of having to deal with wild uncertainty and the dark, dark unknown. FAILURE because I was being asked by my employer to leave. SHAME because perhaps I didn’t have what it took to cut it in their competitive, fast-paced, high-expectation world. I had a big problem on my hands!

I was very worried these emotions could permanently destroy me unless something in me or about me fundamentally changed. But I honestly had no idea how to enact REAL change. I had tried everything in the past - professional counseling, recovery programs, self-help regimens, religions, obsessive exercise regimens with and without professional trainers, fad diets, supplements, pouring myself into my career, etc. None were not capable of producing profound and lasting changes in my life.

I began to sense that this pivotal live event was a great opportunity for POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION and started working with you in July 2018. Since that time I have followed a TRANSFORMATIONAL course, although it's only with the aid of hindsight that I am aware of any of these profound and lasting changes. Not long ago and quite spontaneously, I jotted down concrete examples of real improvements in my life since July 2018. I easily came up with 50 or so improvements - some big, some small. Here are fifteen of my favorites:

  1. I eat more mindfully - I am aware of what, when, how I am eating

  2. I love my dogs better

  3. I walk (for exercise) more mindfully and less obsessively. I walk for mere pleasure of experiencing the body in motion and being in the outdoors and NOT only for some desired outcome (weight loss)

  4. I interface with negative thoughts more wisely (as temporary phenomena, exploring the context in which these thoughts occurred, feeling reassured these thoughts have no meaning other than whatever meaning I choose to give them)

  5. I learned better self-acceptance. I am okay with me!

  6. I am less opinionated, less prone to polarized thinking, less certain of what I think I know to be true

  7. I am more able to keep a promise to myself

  8. I am less prone to long-term depression - now, depressive episodes only last a few hours at most

  9. I am more able to ward off addictive thinking and behavior. When I catch myself in the act of behaving addictively, I work on stopping as soon as possible.

  10. I feel like I once was suffering from untreated PTSD, but now its been treated

  11. I have a more joyful base level, I feel contented more often. I feel like I am finally living the life I have chosen to live and everything I do is part and parcel of living the life I have chosen.

  12. I am more adept at living a life that is meaningful, satisfying, and appropriately balanced between productivity and leisure, void of obsessive ‘I should be/I ought to’ thinking

  13. Better able to forgive the moment when it doesn’t go my way

  14. Better able to laugh or smile or cry, whatever the moment brings

  15. I have a different vocabulary - more often I use joyful, intentional, and hopeful words. I speak as a man who is more at peace with himself, with others and with the world.

Thank you for everything!

MH from Smyrna, GA

At age 61, I had a life-changing experience with psilocybin mushrooms in Holland to help me overcome a lifelong struggle with melancholia. Despite this, I continued to have fears of death, in part as a result of having seen many family members die around my age or younger. I met Moshe and discovered his services at a meetup in Atlanta. I made an appointment to experience DMT with him in an effort to overcome my fears of death. I arrived at his space, and we discussed my concerns along with my misgivings about the DMT experience itself. Moshe’s accommodations were very comfortable, and he was reassuring about the experience. I had discovered with my first psilocybin trip that I have an extremely high tolerance for psychedelics, and that proved true for DMT as well. Having read that everyone is pretty much out of it by the third hit on a DMT vape pen, it was pretty disappointing to take EIGHT hits within a short period and only experience a few seconds of seeing fractals.

Moshe was philosophical about the minor response I had to a massive dose of DMT, reminding me of something I have long understood with reference to other things – no one makes a YouTube video or appears on Joe Rogan’s podcast when they have a less than spectacular experience with psychedelics. I mentioned to him that similarly, anyone whose only exposure to fishing is watching a fishing show on television is almost guaranteed to be disappointed when they actually try fishing and cast their line for hours without as much as a nibble. Moshe suggested that perhaps MDMA was a better option for the experience I was seeking, and we made an appointment for an MDMA session.

Again, upon arrival Moshe and I reviewed my intentions concerning the trip, and he was reassuring in his comfortable space. Knowing my high tolerance to psychedelics in general, he started with a higher dose than usual, followed by a booster taking me to the maximum amount he felt comfortable administering. As my Dutch trip sitter had done with my first psilocybin trip, Moshe provided a nice soundtrack for the experience. I did not seem to have the extreme feelings with MDMA that I have had with psilocybin – at least until the next morning. I awoke for a 10-hour drive and was so overcome with emotion and contemplation that I wondered if I should even make the drive. All during the drive, I listened to music, which sounded even more beautiful than usual as I contemplated what Moshe and I had discussed. Fortuitously, a few days later, I passed out and woke up alone on the floor. I wondered for a few seconds if I were dying and was strangely at peace with the idea. I had probably just stood up too fast after squatting to do some work, but I am glad it happened because I realized that maybe the MDMA had had a greater effect than I had first thought.

My experiences with Moshe were very productive. He is providing a wonderful service. And as I told him, I am the poster child, er, poster old man for the benefits of psychedelic medicine. I can only imagine how different my life could have been had I found them 40 years earlier (or as Moshe suggested, maybe I was not ready for the experience when I was younger). I am just grateful that I found these medicines soon enough to enjoy at least a few years of happiness. Psychedelics and a good facilitator such as Moshe have been far better for me than anything else I have tried to deal with my lifelong melancholia – not to mention that psychedelics tend to be free from the unpleasant and often dangerous side effects of drugs such as antidepressants.

KB from Leesburg, VA